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Yoga warrior

with Rudy Mettia


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Yoga Warrior 365

Well we had to name it something. And this thing has really stuck. Simply, it means: live as your fullest self, all year long. Obvious, right? Well the true meaning is a lifetime in the making, and we hope this program serves as a trusty vehicle to help you arrive at this understanding. Just don't forget to take the scenic route. And along the way check out the Musings video on the Bonus Disc to learn more about the many layers of meaning behind Rudy's unique style of yoga philosophy. You'll hear him talk about the Three Platforms, the Six Actions, and the Five Doorways, which besides sounding vague are techniques to deepen your experience of each and every yoga pose known to man. And yes, those numbers spell (if that's possible with numbers?) "365". You're catching on quick.