Yoga Warrior 365

An integrated, whole-life yoga program created by Rudy Mettia. Yoga Warrior 365 consists of 14 thematic Power Yoga classes, 36 pose tutorials, a program guide, and a sense of humor. Perfect for developing or deepening a daily yoga practice or as a supplement to other forms of exercise.

  • Classes: 14 thematic classes that target every part of the body while focusing and calming the mind. Practices include Mountain Warrior, Modified Warrior, Stalking Warrior, Fluid Warrior, Versatile Warrior, and more.
  • Calendar: A 13 week calendar designed for all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The perfect tool to learn, accomplish, and, advance.
  • 36 Pose Tutorials: Step-by-step instructions that provide the building blocks for learning and refining all the common yoga poses from the ground up.
  • BONUS: Musings video – A chat with Rudy. Learn about the personal yoga philosophy of Rudy Mettia Yoga and the structure on which he built it.
  • BONUS: Rudy’s personal practice video (20 min.)

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Versatile Warrior

Someone wise probably once said “Versatility is the spice of life.” If not, we just did. The ability to meet different challenges with panache is a skill we could all use in this fast-paced modern life. This class will throw a little bit of everything at you; we encourage you to notice how you react to different poses and sections as you flow through the class. Maybe you love long-hold poses, balancing poses, backbends or just staying in child’s pose. Maybe twists or working on your hips is worse than a root canal. Just notice your reactions, and start making mental notes on how you can improve different aspects of your practice. Hopefully you can meet each pose and each class with as much grace as the last, and by the end you’ll be surprised at how easy something can be with even the smallest of effort.
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