An integrated, whole-life yoga program created by Rudy Mettia.
Yoga Warrior 365 consists 14 thematic classes, 36 pose tutorials, a program guide, calendar and a sense of humor. Perfect for developing or deepening a daily yoga practice or as a supplement to other forms of exercises.

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Online Streaming

Yoga Warrior 365 is available to stream online.

Participants describe the convenience of an at home practice compared to a studio practice.

Classes - 14 thematic classes that target every part of the body while focusing and calming the mind. Practices include Mountain Warrior, Modified Warrior, Stalking Warrior, Fluid Warrior, Versatile Warrior, and more.

Calendar - A 13 week calendar designed for all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The perfect tool to learn, accomplish and advance.

36 Pose Tutorials - Step-by-step instructions that provide the building blocks for learning and refining all the common yoga poses from the ground up.