According to one of his many dedicated students, “If you picture a yogi, he is the exact opposite”. And this is what we find so appealing. His huge heart, irreverent humor, random anecdotes, biting honesty, and dedicated dissection of the practice make him a perfect and unique guide for your yoga journey. Will you mostly be charmed? Probably. Will you occasionally be aghast and offended? Possibly. But before you write us an angry email, please take a breath. And don’t shoot the messenger. There is no cult here, nobody telling you what to think or how to live your life. Just a balding, ex-Marine who loves yoga and likes to poke a little fun, and as you’ll see, even weeps like a baby from a heart so full it could burst right there in front of you.

Rudy often describes himself as “obsessed” with yoga and it is clearly evident in his teaching. Utilizing his experiences both on and off the mat, he inspires students to challenge their perceived boundaries while respecting their limitations. As he guides students within the class, he carefully breaks down each movement, finding myopic muscle and energetic actions to achieve the most of each position. Always teaching from experience, whether cautioning about potential injuries, recommending the perfect modification, or reminding a student to stay calm, focused, and within the moment, Rudy uses his wit and charisma to motivate his students. His teaching style helps beginners understand the asana and can revive even the most seasoned yogi’s practice, breathing in new life with a deeper physical and philosophical understanding.

Rudy’s intelligent sequencing and unique transitions create an ever-changing experience through the most basic of postures. Each practice with Rudy is an adventure but the result is always the same, elation from meeting a challenge head-on that helps create a strong and resilient physique and mind. Armed with a huge heart, wicked sense of humor, and fierce belief in the practice, Rudy’s enthusiasm for yoga shines through in every class helping each of his students to become a yoga warrior themselves. Rudy Mettia has ascended from teaching yoga in an abandoned back room of a church nestled at the foot of the Hollywood hills, to claim his place among the top tier of yoga teachers in the hyper competitive mecca of the American yoga scene, Santa Monica, California, thereby the country.