Yoga Warrior 365
Well we had to name it something. And this thing has really stuck. Simply, it means: live as your fullest self, all year long. Obvious, right? Well the true meaning is a lifetime in the making, and we hope this program serves as a trusty vehicle to help you arrive at this understanding. Just don’t forget to take the scenic route. And along the way check out the Musings video on the Bonus Disc to learn more about the many layers of meaning behind Rudy’s unique style of yoga philosophy. You’ll hear him talk about the Three Platforms, the Six Actions, and the Five Doorways, which besides sounding vague are techniques to deepen your experience of each and every yoga pose known to man. And yes, those numbers spell (if that’s possible with numbers?) “365”. You’re catching on quick.


The Yoga Warrior 365 program, based on the Power Yoga lineage, is de- signed both for structure and freedom. Follow the program calendar to a tee (downloadable from our website), play darts on said calendar to decide what class to do that day, or keep the classes playing in the background while you cook dinner (we believe in the power of osmosis). In all serious- ness, we encourage you to get on your mat at least every other day. Some of you might want to deepen your practice and swallow a daily dose, while others are happy to maintain the basic human right of movement that getting out of bed requires. Whatever path you are on, you can milk this progam for however much, um, milk you want? That just sounds weird (and we'll probably get at least a few emails from the lactose-intolerant), but you know what we mean.

Most of us work hard, and even if you love what you do (which we hope you do, as we do), just living a balanced life is crucial for longevity. There is an old Zen saying, “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” It doesn’t specify that you sit on a remote mountaintop, or in a dark cave – you can sit on the toilet for all we care. But we have endeavored (quite hard, mind you) to bring the mountain to your doorstep. Or rather, the yoga studio to your living room. Or bathroom, if you prefer. (Warning: we do not recommend doing yoga in the bathtub.)


Let’s face it, no one wants to go at it alone (unless that’s your kind of thing). But how do you transcend the isolation of doing yoga at home? How do you arrange for a group of like-minded individuals to get together and support each other on the road to health and happiness? You connect them through a common experience, which is exactly what the Yoga Warrior 365 online community is designed to do. Our website is chock full of tasty bits of wisdom from the students you’ll be practicing with on this program. Our Facebook page will hook you into a growing community of Yoga Warriors around the world that can inspire you to get on that 2 by 5 magic carpet each day in the comfort of your own ______ (you ll in the blank, we are tired of micro-managing where you do your yoga). And if one day Facebook goes up in ames - fear not, the whole world will be going with it.

Bodies are made in the kitchen as much as they are made on the mat (after first being made in the bedroom, or wherever your parents got in the mood). Though we don’t like to market this program as some kind of ‘get skinny fast’ gimmick, if losing weight is your thing then you’ve come to the right place. As Rudy loves to say, yoga is not dogmatic. It won’t tell you to stop eating bad food or quit drinking until 4 in the morning like he used to. But over time it will naturally inspire you to be conscious of your choices, and to make better ones. It strengthens your resolve to be a better you – whatever that means for you. It’s really that simple. Eating better is actually not that hard, once you know some basic principles and learn to kick the chemical cravings. Even if you are a terrible cook, we’ve got your back. Visit our website for tips and recipes to create nutritious and delicious delectable delights. Say that five times fast.